Villages are the community of New City Church. Instead of making just The Sunday Gathering the focal point of what we do, the primary venues for life in New City Church are Villages that meet in homes, coffee shops, and other public places in various parts of Chicago.

We have multiple focus areas of Chicago, which each Village seeks to engage and restore. The basic vision is that everyone in New City Church finds a Village in their domains or geographic region, as it best fits their schedule.

 In these intergenerational Villages, we do what the church did in Acts & Ephesians 4: we share a meal together, talk about life and speak into each other’s lives, spend time in biblical encouragement and prayer for one other, and meet each others needs as they arise. Each person is also paired with one or two others to help one other in their journeys toward Christ.

On a regular basis, each Village will spend weekly time serving their community and loving neighbors together, carrying out our local engagement.

 Please check the TIMES & LOCATIONS page for VILLAGES near you.